2D tools with BricsCAD

In order to meet the demands of today’s highly complex tooling machines and machining processes, more and more companies are betting on coherent 3D-CAD/CAM solutions. This means that the tools and devices used generally have to be set up redundantly in the different systems – the tool database, the CAM system and the simulation software. 

Especially in scenarios that still use a CAM system that can only process 2D graphics or if the task at hand is the mere provision of production documentation, it is frequently sufficient to have a 2D solution in place.

Besides the option of 3D definitions of tools and components, FATool also provides the possibility to use only 2D geometrics. It uses the graphics format DXF to provide to-scale definitions.

The key functions at a glance:

  • Automatic generation of tool components via TCL macros
  • Upload and preparation of any type of manufacturer’s model (DXF, DWG ...)
  • Automatic assembly of tool assemblies and adoption of the assembly
  • Definition of multi-blade tool assemblies
  • Transfer of tools to CAM systems along with the technical parameters

2D graphics – to scale tool documentation!

2D tool assembly assembled with BricsCAD