FATool Component Management DIN 4000

All specific information for each individual component is administrated on the tool components level. Components can be randomly classified and administrated in class lists of characteristics. The standard definition in FASYS is based on DIN 4000. Workpiece/machine end connection conditions (DIN 4000-95) describe how the individual components can be assembled into a tool assembly later.

It is possible to archive a to-scale 2D/3D individual graphic for every single component using a graphic macro/master model or, in the case of special tools, a CAD program. All individual models contain connection definitions for the automatic generation of the tool assembly (assembly). 

API integrations are available for:

A package containing more than 500 parameterized tool components (master models) in compliance with DIN 4000 is available today specifically in combination with Creo Parametric.

All of the design functions of the utilized 2D/3D CAD system are available for the production of special tools; a direct import function is provided for STEP models that comply with DIN 4003.

The allocation (referencing) to small and spare parts creates the link to the additionally required components. In the event of active warehouse inventory, the up-to-date inventory information is directly displayed. Interfaces to manufacturers’ catalogs (e.g. CimSource) optimize the recording of the required information.

Master models – the short cut to creating 3D components!

Example of the administration of tool components with image graphic and parts list of the related small and spare parts.

Example of the administration of tool components; in this case an indexable insert in compliance with DIN 4000-76 with the to-scale 3D graphic created from a master model.