How To Find Us

FASYS is located in Cologne, the district called 'Höhenberg', suited on the right side of the Rhine. Our offices are on the ground and first floor on the Frankfurt Street (B8); Customer parking is available directly next to the front door or right next to the garage.

Größere Kartenansicht

In order to find the way to us not only virtually, but also by car or by public transport.

By car:

Direction Frankfurt/Bonn (A59/A559)

  • Motorway A59/A559 highway airport direction Köln-Deutz (Messe), Exit Köln-Vingst interchange 1-Kreuz-Köln-Gremberg
  • left direction Höhenberg/Mülheim
  • left on Vingster Ring
  • 2. traffic light left on Frankfurter Straße (B8)
  • cross crossway Olpener Straße 

Direction Aachen (A4)

  • Motorway A4 direction Köln
  • Exit 12-Kreuz-Köln-Süd to motorway A559 Direction Köln-Deutz (Messe)
  • follow labelling Köln-Vingst
  • keep right at junction and follow the signs Vingst/Ostheim
  • 2. traffic light left on Frankfurter Straße (B8)
  • cross crossway Olpener Straße 

Direction Olpe (A4)

  • A4 Direction Köln-Deutz (Messe) / Zoobrücke
  • Exit Köln-Höhenberg/Mülheim (1. Exit after interchange Köln-Ost).
  • left on Frankfurter Straße direction Höhenberg
  • pass Aral filling station and cross interchange 

Direction Frankfurt or Oberhausen (A3)

  • A3 Dirction Köln
  • Interchange Köln-Ost direction Köln-Deutz (Messe) / Zoobrücke
  • see Direction Olpe (A4)

Direction (A57)

  • Motorway A57 untill the end, Direction Köln-Deutz (Messe) cross brigde named Zoobrücke
  • Exit Köln-Höhenberg/Mülheim (1. Exit after after tube)
  • left on Frankfurter Straße Direction Höhenberg
  • pass Aral filling station and cross interchange 

By train:

  • Arriving Kölner Hauptbahnhof  change to railway - take only one station with line S12 or S13 to station Köln-Deutz (Messe) 
  • Station Köln-Deutz (Messe) change to underground Line 1 direction  Bensberg
  • leave the tram Frankfurter Straße (Höhenberg) (5. station)

By plane and train:

  • Destination: Airport Köln/Bonn. Take a taxi (10 to 15 min. to FASYS) or take the train.
  • Train: Line S13 direction Hansaring
  • Station Deutz (Messe) change to underground line 1 direction Bensberg
  • leave the train Frankfurter Straße (Höhenberg) (5. station)

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Hexagon DEU02 GmbH
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51103 Köln (Höhenberg)

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Fax: +49 (0)221-987605-10

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