PC-DNC Shop-floor Informations system

The FAPcd application is the PC-based DNC solution and the successor of the special DNC terminals in use in the past. For optimum ease of operation, all action commands are triggered via large buttons (touch screen support) or via function keys. FAPcd supports the connection of multiple machines or presetting devices to a single PC.

Users who work with the FAPcd application have convenient access to all essential information. For instance, data can be displayed and edited; an NC program comparison can be conducted, while the system also makes it possible to obtain graphic views of tool sheets or clamping plans in standard formats (HP-GL2, DXF, IGES, STL etc.).

Advantages DNC-Client:

  • Fast and easy on-the-job training for the operator
  • No time-consuming provision of docu­mentation for the work to be done
  • Set-up and in-feed times are reduced
  • All required information is provided online (paperless)
  • Automatic status functions prevent access to locked programs
  • Optimal information feedback on changes for work preparation and NC pro­gramming
  • Integration of tool presetting and machine
  • Direct serial transmision or via network (TCP/IP, FTP, NFS, MCIS RPC)
  • Logging support LSV2, FE1 etc.

DNC Client - online to shop-floor area!

FAPdc main menu with actual informations