EDGECAM | CAM-Interface

The integration of NC programming systems into the FATool Tool and NC Management is achieved with the assistance of the CAM interface. The solution supports the transfer (check-in and check-out) of files, tools, cut data and graphics as well as the start-up of the programming system. To this end, the attainable level of integration largely depends on the options offered by the respective CAM system. During the CAM process, all data records involved are automatically blocked for access by other users and in the DNC.

In partnership with Hexagon, the EDGECAM environment expert in the GER/AT/CH region, FASYS developed an interface that makes it possible to establish a direct connection of EDGECAM from the FATool solution.

The key functions at a glance:

  • Administration of source program (.mfg) and NC data in FATool
  • Automatic loading and unloading of the source program in Edgecam
  • Set-up of all work plan data in Edgecam, incl. post processor
  • Design model administration, check-out and automatic loading
  • Administration, check-out and automatic loading of devices and unmachined parts
  • Transfer of automatic placement data to the CAMTech tombstone pick and place unit
  • 2D/3D tool transfer online to Edgecam & Toolstore, incl. technical parameters (cutting data)
  • Supports multi-blade tool assemblies (turning/milling)
  • Supports the Edgecam strategy manager
  • Online read-out of current tool use in PPF
  • Automatic replacement of tool assemblies when vericut starts (.tls)
  • Automatic replacement of tool assemblies when NC-Simul starts (.nxf)

CAM integration - optimum NC data organization!