FATool Warehouse Management

All operational resources that do exist physically are administrated via the integrated warehouse module. In this module, the components are divided into quantity objects (e.g. drills, indexable inserts, etc.) that do not have to be organized as individual components and into individual objects (device, testing resource, etc.). A tree structure was used to depict the current storage locations in a transparent manner. It provides the user with a very quick graphical overview of the current warehouse inventory.

Inventory movements (add to inventory, remove from inventory, move inventory to a different location, dispose of inventory ...) are commissioned in the FATool and/or are externally recorded and processed. The solution supports the following options:

  • Direct connection of warehouse management systems (Kardex®, Megamat®, Hänel®, etc.)
  • Posting and commissioning online via wireless barcode terminal
  • Processing of reports from automatic tool dispensers (ATMS/Toolbase, ISCAR/Matrix, Gühring/TM)
  • Printing of lists and posting of commissions in FATool (standard)
  • Link postings to actions, e.g. actual data transport in DNC

The integrated history function logs all inventory movements and the user receives a concize overview as to when, by whom and how often an operational resource was used. An ERP/PPS interface is available as an option, which can be used to transfer and receive inventory postings or master data. 

FATool supports the connection to and/or the triggering of purchase orders through the option of defining minimum inventory levels and the linkage to master data. All required relevant data for these purposes is available in the form of information such as supplier, order quantity, order number, etc.

FATool offers standard dialogs that make it possible to execute postings quickly and securely. It is possible to compile and process entire posting orders via commissions, e.g. for the provision of all tools and operational resources for an NC program/production order to be set up.

Warehouse management – know where everything is!

Integrated warehouse module for the administration of physically present operational resources, components, testing resources, etc.

Posting dialog for reposting with depiction of drawer or table occupation