FATool Testing Resources and Maintenance Management

Links to test plans and test steps have been implemented specifically for the testing and measuring resource segment as well as for the organization of device/machine maintenance work. Direct links to the DIN tables required for the calibration of testing resources can be established; archiving of all required measuring logs and a history log covering the entire usage period is also available.

Given the fact that the test plans and test steps can be randomly defined, the user is in a position to archive all kinds of testing and maintenance dialogs directly. Standard plans for simple calibration tasks or the archiving of externally tested measuring resources (test log) are already available as defaults in the system.

All testing and measuring resources are administrated as individual objects in combination with the warehouse module. All information and historic data is linked to each warehouse data record. Hence, the solution warrants compliance with all DIN ISO 9000/9001 provisions.

Integrated computing functions realize the status implementation or the generation of the required calibration lists for the measuring resources due for testing. Notifications are available via automated e-mails or via list output. Recalls can be ordered through the allocation of the storage locations. The subsequent issuance can also be organized (e.g. to an external recipient), along with the automatic generation of calibration and/or repair orders and delivery notes.

Comprehensive data adoption functions are available for the replacement of a CALVINĀ® legacy system.

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