NC Source and Program Management

The NC Source and Program Management is the ideal solution for the central administration of NC data and documents as well as all related information required by the operator and for the DNC operation. An integrated direct CAM interface to various NC programming systems supports the work preparation processes.

Modern CAM systems have the capability to generate multiple clamping processes and hence, several NC programs in one source program. The FATool NC Management meets this demand and interlinks two class lists of characteristics for this data organization – the Source Management for the source file and, using a 1:N-connection, the NC programs in the NC Management.

The required tools and operational resources are defined via the integrated parts list function. The respective files (NC programs, set-up plan, costing, CAM source, tool target and actual data, etc.) are linked and administrated with the assistance of the document allocation function. 

In combination with the DNC operation, the system automatically updates special status information on the state of the NC and tool data, which warrants a high level of data security. Not only is it possible to manage the program versions; users can also compare the original program with the program altered on the machine.

NC data management means transparency in production!

Source data batch with reference to the NC program and plant allocation (client)

NC data batch with operational resource list in menu CAM/VGL