FASYS Products

FASYS Tool Management

Tool Management

Tool assemblies are defined as assemblies, for which the characteristics resulting from the actual assembly are administrated. References to the component characteristics and graphics are derived from the parts list.

Ressource Management

Resource Management

Organize all operational and production resources in a single central database. FATool quickly provides all of the up-to-date information required by the different sources of demand on all corporate levels. Various analyses and visualizations of the current events are available at any time.

CAM Software Integration

CAM Integration

The integration of NC programming systems into the FATool Tool and NC Management is achieved with the assistance of the CAM interface. The solution supports the transfer (check-in and check-out) of files, tools, cut data and graphics as well as the start-up of the programming system.

Shop Floor Data Access

Shop Floor Data Access

Declining batch sizes, the growing diversity of parts and just-in-time manufacturing processes make it increasingly important to meet the demand for up-to-date information that is available to and from the production lines.