Access to shop-floor data - Online!

Declining batch sizes, the growing diversity of parts and just-in-time manufacturing processes make it increasingly important to meet the demand for up-to-date information that is available to and from the production lines. To address this need, FASYS offers clients for its central FATool tool and operational resources administration so that the data can be delivered and/or to enable feedback/archiving options.

The key functions at a glance:

  • Connection to tool inventories, lift systems (Kardex, Hänel ...) or automatic tool dispensers
  • Integration of tool presets and mounting, incl. difference calculation
  • Interfaces to all standard presetting devices (Zoller, Kelch, DMG ...)
  • Administration of all physically present tools with cutting data, tool life, etc.
  • DNC solution for the transfer of NC data and actual tool data
  • Automatic conversion of the actual tool data into the control formats (loading - unloading programs)
  • Automatic read-out of machine occupation/tool magazin for the difference calculation
  • Recording and processing of machine states or error messages

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