Vericut - CGTech | Tool & Data Interface

Besides the integration of CAM systems into the FATool NC Tool and NC Administration, there is a constantly growing demand for the connection of special NC simulation programs. In these cases, a direct connection, e.g. the transfer of a tool assembly, unmachined part or clamping situation is just as important as an indirect connection if the simulation is started from the CAM system.

In partnership with CGTech Deutschland GmbH, the German vendor of vericut, FASYS has developed an interface that implements a direct connection to vericut from FATool.

  • Supports the XML interface (Project) of vericut
  • Transfers 2D/3D tools (.tls) directly to vericut
  • Replaces the tools (.tls) with FASYS 3D models if accessed from Edgecam, Creo/NC, VirtualGibbs, MasterCAM...
  • Prepares the XML project for the full version when started from Creo/NC
  • Saves the up-to-date simulation for the NC program (Project) in FATool
  • Administration and check-out of the complete vericut machine model in FATool

CAM integration - optimum NC data organization!

Vericut simulation of a project programmed in EDGECAM and transferred by FASYS