FASYS 2022.0

Shop-Floor Client UI enhancements

The user interface in the shop floor client has been significantly improved. This includes for example the implementation of variable QM links. Each of these improvements creates a better experience for all user groups and makes it easier to work on mobile devices.

Tool search

When searching for tools hits are now only shown from the following classes: KWZ, KWZHOLDER, ensuring that only relevant records are returned.

Set maintenance reports as uncompleted

In addition to set as "completed" maintenance reports can now also be defined as "uncompleted". This means that completed maintenance records can be reused if required.

Customize NCPV layout

Now it is possible to adjust the WEB subclass of the NCPV via the Fanconi. These changes will take effect after a restart of the web server on the client view.

Increased number of selected machines in the home page

Now more machines can be added to the list of previously selected machines, up to 10 machines can be used.

Button bar removed from the order view

The button bar has been removed for the search and the home page, giving the user more space on the order view, which makes the interface much cleaner and more information becomes visible.

Clearer layout in the tables

The same formatting is now seen for texts in the table as in the class mask for the shift, maintenance and message view. This provides better formatted and user-friendly tables.

Generic solution for customized link dialog on machine page

A new user defined link dialog is available in the shop floor client. The dialog is started by a button in the machine detail area and customized by a configuration file.

Predefined search for NC programs and jobs

It is now possible to specify predefined search values in NC program and NC job search masks to reduce the number of rows after searching.

Inventory management enhancements

Previously, the replication solution was not able to replicate inventory changes. This feature allows you to see physical resource information between plants and optimize the use of resources at the storage location.

Replication of inventory data

From now on inventory stocks can be viewed across all locations and, if required, can also be transported using transport storage locations.

Partitioning global storage information by location

From now on global storage is associated to the plant and all known counters are also available for each plant separately, so it is possible to see how many items are available in my assigned plant.

ActiveMQ support

It is now possible to use ActiveMQ to receive ERP queue messages via the data access server. The queues are configured in the class "queue service" and the data access server watches the configured queues for messages. A first message handler for SAP2FATOOL messages is already realized.

NCSIMUL 2022.0 support

With the latest interface FASYS is compatible with the NCSIMUL 2022.0 version.

Heidenheimer DNC components support

The Heidenheimer DNC components are supported which makes it possible to transfer data for the DNC as well as for the tool cycle.

New Fastens interface

Fastens is used to optimize the manufacturing process of machines. To provide tool data for this product a new server component was developed.

FASYS server installer

With the new installer, the setup of a new FASYS server can be done within a few minutes. Various features can be installed on demand, such as a SQL express database, creating user groups, setting up network shares, installing DNC components, copying software files, copying configuration files and setting up our services.

Update to .Net 3.1

The framework has been updated to the latest version of .Net Core 3.1 to ensure support for the OASys shop floor server after the end-of-life of .Net core 2.1 in August 2021. Apart from the higher speed of the backend after the upgrade to .Net Core 3.1, there is no difference in the user experience.