FASYS DNC Server - Network separation

A growing number of tooling machines can now only be reached via a network. However, on many machines, Windows operating systems are running without security updates or the latest service packs ever having been installed. It is also not possible to install virus scanners on these systems in practical applications. The new solution from FASYS solves this problem. It separates the machine network from the office network. As a result, it warrants higher levels of security and flexibility for your production. Direct access to the machine network is no longer necessary. The DNC server handles all communications with these machines. It can be reached via http or https communications. This solution is a SOA (service oriented architecture) based development.

Advantages DNC Server:

  • PCD client as standard operation front end
  • Server concept permits web client and PDA solutions
  • Simple and well-structured firewall management that requires little maintenance
  • Supports Windows terminal server installations, also in case of MCIS-RPC or LSV2 (TNCx30i)
  • Increased flexibility due to data transmission to the machine from several PCs in different departments
  • Backend server for a higher level PDM system for DNC transmission
  • Automatic and scheduled processes, e.g. readout CNC tool setup
  • Allowed automatically CNC machine backup

FASYS DNC Server - more security and flexibility!


DMZ network support to separate office and shop-floor Networking.