Devices, Production Resources, Operational Resources...

Thanks to the fact that the FATool Operational Resource Management can be randomly configured, it can be used to manage all administrative tasks for which data, files, graphics or warehouse organization functions are required. FATool supports all organizational tasks, linked to a graphic – from photographs to 3D assemblies – for optimized depiction.

In modern CAM system landscapes paired with ever more complex process chains, the concize description of production resources and their central organization are becoming increasingly important. In more and more instances, in particular devices and clamping systems are already required as 3D models during the NC programming step in the CAM system or in the NC simulation program. 

FATool does offer this option right now. It is possible to generate and administrate devices as 3D assemblies just like tool assemblies. When linked to the source program or the NC program, they are directly at the disposal of the CAM system.

FATool – secure administration of 3D clamping devices!

Device with parts list and 3D installation (assembly)